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We know how to do the job right!

We have developed a unique array of trade and professional skills and can assemble the most comprehensive integrated project teams available for both masonry construction and restoration. Our knowledge and diversity has enabled us to successfully complete a vast range of projects, both public and private. A United City Contracting Inc is licensed and insured.

United City Contracting Inc has years of experience and dedicated group ready for masonry construction and restoration projects. Regardless its size, the construction company ensures that their client’s project is done right with the utmost professionalism. From a small interior renovation to new and expansive construction, United City Contracting Inc oversees the details of the entire processes from your perspective. As one of the top construction companies in NYC, we provide uncompromising service to all our clients. And, we believe that innovation and resourcefulness are among the key to our success. We’ve constructed a level of expertise and knowledge that shines in every project completed by us. We are trained and attend trade workshops to stay updated on new products, technologies and trend. Your budget is maintained depending on your preferences. With our detailed proposal our clients are ensured that the service offered won’t have any hidden costs and they know what they’re getting by hiring us.

United City Contracting Inc has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and puts its reputation on the line. We have extensive experience in commercial and residential exterior restoration, concrete work, roofing, interior renovation and building construction management. Over the years, our industry experience has taught us certain things about techniques, materials and processes that really make the difference. Our expertise guides our clients through the complexity of their project. Be it an exterior restoration or interior renovation project, we’ve worked closely with them and identified the best way to complete the project. Serving them with quality craftsmanship, functionality and value is our first priority. From concept to completion, we’re their resource for product knowledge and know-how. We have been dealing with a vast range of public and private projects successfully and take much pride in the final product. Your satisfaction becomes our best proof that we have made it right.