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There are plenty of good reasons that New York concrete pavers are such a popular material to use. Our pros here at United City Contracting Inc have carried out countless projects made up of pavers since first starting back in 2002 and can certainly appreciate why so many home and business owners want to incorporate this into their landscaping. You get all the sturdiness of concrete with the beauty and versatility of customized patio pavers. Plus, we can provide you with quick and efficient results so that you can enjoy your pavers in a timely manner.

By working with us, you will quickly realize that we have a knack for providing each of our clients with creative but professional work; we have a real eye for design. Whether you know the look that you want or would prefer some suggestions from our New York concrete contractors, we can help with that. You can also feel good knowing that we will only use the finest in quality materials so give us a call right now in order to start working on your next project.

Durable Driveway & Patio Pavers

So what makes pavers so different or better than poured concrete or other exterior hardscaping materials? At United City Contracting Inc we prefer to use this material whenever possible in order to get the variety of results pavers offer – you get varieties of colors, sizes, shapes and looks. Compressed concrete is even more durable than poured concrete so you get stunning good looks and durability. Plus, homeowners tend to love them for the ease of cleaning and maintenance, simply sweep or hose them off.

Another reason pavers are preferred is that you have more benefits from having small sections as opposed to one large concrete slab. If one of the pavers gets damaged you can simply replace it which is not the case with traditional concrete. Think about what a difference this makes when it comes to problems like tree roots pushing up your concrete – no more replacing the entire sidewalk when you can replace one or two pavers.

New York Concrete Pavers

New York concrete pavers are ideal also because they can look like other, more costly, building materials. For instance, you can have a walkway made entirely of what looks like river stone but is, in all actuality, faux stone. You get the same stunning look but at a fraction of the cost. If you would like to take on this kind of project, all you have to do is give us a call. Let United City Contracting Inc show you all the options that you have. You are going to love the final look we create just for you.