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Sidewalk Violation Repairs for New York City

As you may have realized by now, you are going to need a New York concrete contractor to work with in order to avoid or deal with a DOT violation. Whether you own a home or a business in the metropolitan area, you are responsible for the current condition of your sidewalks. Because the city has so many sidewalks, it would be impossible to keep up with the maintenance and expense associated with concrete sidewalk repair and replacement. The end result is that this gets passed on to you and you can get a violation and fines if you do not adhere to these guidelines.

This also helps prevent slip and fall injuries that could lead to lawsuits. You save a great deal of money by simply keeping up with your sidewalks as opposed to getting fines or being sued in court. The bottom line is that it is New York law that requires property owners to maintain the condition of the sidewalks on or adjacent to their property, which also means covering the costs. You will be held liable for any injuries caused by a failure to upkeep the maintenance of your sidewalk so let United City Contracting Inc help you with this.

What are DOT Sidewalk Violations?

The state of New York, particularly within the metropolitan New York City area, has a tremendous amount of sidewalk surfaces. The New York City Department of Transportation has an ongoing sidewalk repair initiative that replaces more than two million square feet of sidewalk per year. Unfortunately that is still less than 1% of the city’s total sidewalk area. For this reason, New York law requires property owners to install, repave and repair sidewalks that are adjacent to their property at their own cost. The law makes property owners potentially liable for injuries caused by failure to maintain their sidewalk.

When a sidewalk is deemed broken or severely damaged by the DOT a sidewalk violation is issued to the adjacent property owner. Sidewalk repair or installation is to be initiated within 45 days of receipt of the violation. Failure to adhere to the mandate of the violation will result in the DOT hiring a contractor to perform the necessary work and then the property owner will get billed. Failure to pay will result in a lien on the property.

United City Contracting Inc has been a member of the NYC community for over a decade. We are well versed in the specifications of the DOT and have corrected countless sidewalk violations. We know the process of obtaining a permit for sidewalk work and even know the process of working with the DPR for damages caused by tree roots. United City Contracting Inc should be the first people you call when you get issued a sidewalk violation. We are familiar with the law and we know what it takes to keep you adherent to DOT specs. Contact United City Contracting Inc for your sidewalk violations.

Sidewalk Violation Specialists

United City Contracting Inc has the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to take care of this type of work for you. So whether you need a pro to handle your maintenance work or if you have been issued a citation and need to make repairs, we have got you covered. You have a total of 45 days from the date of the violation to make the necessary repairs. Failure to adhere to the mandate of said violation will result in a more severe course of action.

Usually this means that the city employs its own contractor to take care of the job and that bill goes directly to you. If you fail to pay, or unable to pay, this will result in a lien on your property. It is in your best interest to simply maintain your walkways or, at the very least, make sure that you address any violations/citations that you receive in a prompt and professional manner.

New York Sidewalk Violation (From DOT)

We will be there to work with you when you are in need of a New York sidewalk violation expert. Since 2002, United City Contracting Inc has been the name that locals rely on for this type of work. Don’t take a gamble and end up being sued or losing your home over a little sidewalk maintenance. Let us help you continue to be in accordance with New York laws and property regulations.